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Sachi Saheli Weakness & Tiredness Treatment Course

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About Ayurvedic Sachi Saheli Products

SACHI SAHELI is a purely herbal formulation to take care of woman health. Sachi Saheli Syrup is a viscous concentrated aqueous solution of 67 different herbal extracts such as, ashwagandha, pipali ,Brahmi, ajwain, Dushmool, Arjuna, and mulethi that benefits in various ailments related to woman health without causing any side effects and complications.

Benefits :-

Fights the problems of mood swings, anemia, lack of appetite.

Effective to reduce back pain, weakness and fatigue.

Helpful to provide inner strength and stamina to body and skin.

Maintains regular health of the women.


What is Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic Syrup? - +

Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic Syrup is prepared from rare herbs which are purely based on safe and harmless Ayurvedic theory. This Ayurvedic syrup is helpful in relieving the discomfort and pain of those 'Special' days. Sachi Saheli is helpful in reducing irregular flow and watery discharge. It is useful in controlling the low back pain, general weakness & tiredness.

What causes early menstruation? - +

The cause of the early onset of menstruation in this cycle is most likely to be physiological and no cause for worry. It could be due to the stress you had faced during the last cycle; hormonal causes are most likely to result in such deviations. Ageing can cause menstrual disturbances owing to hormonal imbalances as one enters the peri-menopause. During peri-menopause all sorts of deviations are possible ranging from frequent periods, delayed irregular cycles, intermittent spotting, prolonged bleeding and so on. This Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic Syrup is very helpful in restores hormonal functions as well as in Menstrual problem like back pain, headache. It will promotes appetite, purifies the blood, tones up the skin and builds strength and stamina

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