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Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic tonic is helpful in maintaining women’s health. Its intake is beneficial in menstrual disorder, abdominal cramps, pelvic pain, loss of appetite, anemia, crankiness, backache, pain during periods, tiredness and fatigue.
Yes, Sachi Saheli is purely Ayurvedic tonic. It is prepared with 67 natural herbs such as Dashmool, Munkka, Ashwagandha, Haritaki, vidarikand, mulethi, pippali, manjistha, long, saunf, ajwain, nisoth, daru haridra, lodhra and more.
Take one measuring cup (10ml) of Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic tonic with 2 tablets twice a day after meals or as directed by physician.
As Sachi Saheli is purely Ayurvedic herb, it safe to use. In case l if you are allergic to any of the present ingredients, you should consult the doctor before its intake.
Its intake is recommended twice a day only after having meals.
You can buy it from your nearby medical store or online from Amazon, or Filpkart .

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