Best Syrup For Weakness India

Sachi Saheli is prepared from rare herbs. Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic syrup are helpful in relieving the discomfort and pain of those ‘Special’ days. Sachi Saheli is helpful in reducing irregular flow and watery discharge. It is useful in controlling the low back pain, general weakness & tiredness.

Essential Instructions & Caution to use Sachi Saheli Syrup:

  • When you are going out while you are menstruating make sure to carry a small bag or purse with extra undies pads/tampons and if needed an extra pair of shorts!
  • Don’t feel ashamed by your period it’s natural and means your body is healthy and you’re growing up.
  • For period pains, put a hot water bottle on your stomach just above your waist.
  • Always clean yourself so you don’t have to be smelling bad!
  • Even though you may crave chocolate, eating healthy food is important. It will help you feel better as well as replenish your body of nutrients such as iron.
  • Don’t stress too much! Your period is a normal bodily function.
  • There is no need to make any change in your routine schedule during Menstruation.

How to use Sachi Saheli Syrup?

You can take two or three teaspoon of syrup with water twice in a day. If the condition is too severe then you can take two capsules with milk, juice and water in the morning and evening. Syrup can also be taken with milk and juice.

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