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An Ayurvedic Medicinal Tonic for Women's Tough Days

The woman of the 21st century is perfectly managing both her professional and personal life. Gone are the days when the Indian women had to live with the limitations imposed on them. Her image of housewife in people’s mind never permitted her to live the life the way she wanted. The dreams, wishes, desires and aspirations somewhere hidden in the dark corner of her heart that she could not reveal it to the world.

Nonetheless, now the time has changed, she has the courage to fulfill all her dreams; her self-esteem is crossing the limits, and her talent is amazing the world. The role of today’s super lady is not limited to a daughter, a sister, a mother or a wife; she can do wonders in any aspect of possible horizons. Even though she has proved herself prevailing, those 4-5 days of the month drains her energy and gives a feeling of irritation, fatigue and weakness. Abdominal pain, weakness, loss of appetite, and tiredness impact her routine life and leave her with an exhausted feeling of inner debility. So, to combat all these issues, “Sachi Saheli” pure Ayurvedic formulation is the one of the foremost choice.

Sachi Saheli is an Ayurvedic medicinal tonic helpful for women in those tough days of every month. With the goodness of 67 Ayurvedic herbs like, Dashmula, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Pippali, Giloy, Manjistha, Dalchini, Nisoth and Sonth it is helpful in irregular menstruation cycle, weakness, back pain, Leucorrhoea, white discharge, anemia, menstruation pain, lack of appetite and other problems of women. The combination of potent herbs helps in maintaining women overall health by removing toxins from the body and providing inner strength.


Sachi Saheli with the Goodness of 67 Ayurvedic Herbs

Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic tonic is prepared with 67 natural herbs that with their potent power fight women health issues. With antioxidant, anti-bacterial properties all herbs help in maintaining women’s overall health, reduce issues like fatigue, tiredness, weakness and menstrual disorders naturally without causing any severe side effect.

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